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November 10, 2022

Death by bottleneck | Challenges facing SMEs today

This video goes deep into the challenges facing SMEs today. The small business landscape and the difficulties that hinder their success.

SMEs have the remarkable ability to fuel economic growth. They create many new job opportunities, and with the emergence of new businesses, entrepreneurs are constantly being formed, bringing with them new ideas and fresh skills. They are a MAJOR source of employment, with more than 80% of the employment in Africa.  

However, they are struggling due to:
1. Lack of adequate finance and limited access to credit.
2. Limited consumer base  
3. Poor Infrastructure

About Sabi
Sabi is a platform that enables and empowers the most underserved merchants in the world, allowing agents, merchants, aggregators, distributors, and manufacturers to expand their capabilities and grow their businesses using our technology rails.

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