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November 14, 2022

Ekinadese and her move from Mechanical Engineering to Business Analytics

What do you do at Sabi?

I currently work as a business analyst in the executive office, but the role entails much more than the average job description of a business analyst. I do a lot of project management which involves me ensuring different stakeholders in the business are executing as they should and at the right time.  

What did you study in university and is it related to your current career?

I studied mechanical engineering in university and although it doesn’t relate to my current career, I would definitely say it has given me the rigor to be very analytical in the things that I do. As an engineer, you learn to think outside the box and look for unconventional solutions to problems, it’s one of the reasons I’m excelling in my role as an analyst.  

How is Sabi different from other places you've worked?

Sabi, is the first place I’ve ever worked, but based on the experiences from my friends and other colleagues I would say it is different because although we work hard and we’re making “crazy” numbers and constantly pushing the envelope, we are also given the space to express ourselves, either in our style of work, the way we dress and just how we relate with one another. There’s a lot more freedom which I think allows people feel more relaxed when they come in to the office and it frees up space to do your actual work.

What is the best thing about working at Sabi?

For me, the best thing about working at Sabi will definitely be having line managers that care. In my opinion, I can go up to my line managers, let them know when I’m feeling overwhelmed or burnt out and I know they will give me the time off to kind rest and encourage me to resume when I’m feeling better. That’s one of the best things for me.

What do you enjoy most about working in the executive office?

I would say it is being able to learn from the management team. I am learning from the CEO, from other managers and get to see and experience first-hand the different styles of management and how it comes to play in their different departments and how to incorporate that in the work that I do. It is also lots of fun just going back and forth with the different people in the different departments, I am literally learning on the job.  

In my department the people are very wholesome, we take care of each other, all these together has probably made my experience here at Sabi.

How would you describe what we do at Sabi?

What we do at Sabi is very extraordinary. That’s the only way to describe it. We are trying to play in the retail space, financial services space, the agriculture space. People come to work every day, working hard to grow numbers month on month, it is not easy to grow at the pace that we have been growing over the past 2 years but our people put in the effort and grind to make things happen.  

What value at Sabi do you most resonate with and why?

The value I resonate with the most is kindness. I know sometimes people are nice or kind because they have to be but I feel like at Sabi, kindness it drummed into our ears on a daily basis. The importance of being kind to the people we work with is continually emphasised and I feel it is a value that is often overlooked in other Nigerian organisations.  

Sabi is very collective in that regard, we do not look at the work or mistakes as the concern of one individual, instead the department or company as a whole.  

Describe your last 3 months at Sabi in one word


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