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October 19, 2022

Nurturing an agile e-commerce ecosystem within the informal space - Merchants

To establish and foster trust among small businesses within the informal economy, there should be availability of reliable, transparently priced, compliant and easily accessible services, products and infrastructure.

Africa’s Digital Services ecosystem has advanced rapidly over the last decade due to increased broadband and mobile penetration. Industries such as e-commerce retail and digital payments especially have experienced the boom firsthand. This wave has boosted inclusion in urban, rural, and hard-to-reach areas across the continent.

At Sabi, we see all players within our ecosystem as an integral figure to what drives our digital channels and platform.  

How Sabi's services impact Merchant locations & communities  

• Easy technology solutions to access  

• Ethical processing of credit and loans based on Merchant activity

• Regular roll out of tailor-made products to support and grow the businesses of the merchants based on their unique challenges  

• Financial literacy among urban and rural retail business owners i.e. regular use of the Sabi app's book keeping features, encouraging record keeping and digital literacy, going cashless using the Sabi wallet etc.  

• Continuous tech adoption training among rural and urban retail business owners; including teaching them how to use the app, sensitizing this group to regularly engage with technology when carrying out business instead of physical cash.

• Network of partners dedicated to seeing these Merchants win; support and infrastructure.

For more on how small business owners can grow their business with Sabi, kindly visit here.

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