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November 28, 2022

Support African Workers – Thought Leadership Token by Anu Adasolum

By John Reynolds @Fintech Times


As the UK ‘s approach to immigration (with many fleeing African countries) faces criticism, the co-founder of an African software firm believes tackling the issue at the border should be complemented by supporting Africa’s digital transformation to stem the UK’s immigration crisis.

support african workers

Anu Adedoyin Adasolum, co-founder of Sabi, said: “Providers of digital financial services for the informal sector in Africa can dramatically influence the trajectory of a refugee’s life, providing critical support that allows them to establish and grow small businesses and ensures long-term financial security.

“It’s not just about making it easier for informal traders to sell the goods, it’s about providing a platform that educates and informs the trader about accounting, payments, costs and their market."

There is a huge opportunity in better supporting informal traders on the continent and empowering these entrepreneurs will have considerable knock-on effects for their families and their future.

“Not only will Africa’s digital transformation provide work opportunities for those displaced, but technological advances can also be used to formalise, structure and transform the refugee resettlement process itself.”

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