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Create, Manage and grow your store.
Sabi enables business owners order goods at the best market prices. Increasing your demand, improving your cash flow, and streamlining your logistics.
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How Sabi can grow your business
Build Customer Trust
Never run out of stock as Sabi enables you manage and monitor your inventory and keep up with customer demand.
Improve Cash Flow
Get money to grow your business with Sabi’s inventory loan option. Purchase products on loan and pay for them at a later date.
Streamline Logistics
Get access to a variety of products across different categories. Order goods and have them delivered directly to your door.
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The Sabi App: Buy
Buy and sell to your customers
Browse Product Catalog
Get access to a wide range of goods from our wholesale marketplace.
Order Goods
Order a variety of goods at competitive wholesale prices.
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The Sabi App: Store
Store helps you manage your day-to-day business, customers and inventory, online or offline.
Record daily sales
Manage your customers by recording your daily transactions and creating sales invoices.
Generate sales reports
Get access to analytics and generate detailed sales reports on your business growth.
Manage debtors
Set up automatic debt reminders and send to anyone owing you.
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The Sabi App: Wallet
Wallet is a payment tool to help you carry out transactions seamlessly.
Money Reserve
Purchase goods from Sabi’s marketplace using the money in your wallet.
Pay for Services
Buy airtime and pay for other bills.
Receive Payments
You can top up your Sabi wallet through different payment channels.
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Becoming a Sabi Merchant has never been easier!
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