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Sabi allows you to manage your storefront, record your daily sales, and order for goods at wholesale prices.
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This wholesale marketplace enables merchants purchase goods in bulk at affordable and competitive prices.
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This tool helps you manage your day-to-day business, customers and inventory, online or offline.  It seeks to improve the efficiency in daily stock taking and inventory management.
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Allows Merchants transfer money, pay bills, buy airtime and shop from our wholesale marketplace while tracking their spending.
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Get access to a wide range of goods from our wholesale marketplace.
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Order a variety of goods at competitive wholesale prices.
Manage your customers by recording your daily transactions, creating sales invoices and setting up automatic debt reminders to send to anyone owing you.
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Get access to analytics and generate detailed sales reports on your business growth.
Money Reserve
Purchase goods from Sabi’s marketplace, buy airtime and pay other bills using the money in your wallet
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Receive Payments
You can top up your Sabi wallet through different payment channels.