"I’m thrilled to join the Milken Institute’s inaugural Africa Leaders Business Council. As global demand for Africa’s resources grows, it’s never been more important for African leaders to have a seat at the table that shapes global business engagement. Through its launching of the council, the renowned American think tank and non-profit extends that seat to African businesses, recognizing our pivotal role in shaping the global economy.

Sabi connects African markets with each other and the rest of the world. We create value by bridging the gap between the informal economy and formal markets, facilitating meaningful connections, and aligning incentives across the value chain. Our work has enabled distributors to sell fast-moving consumer goods to last-mile retailers, international investment in the local addition of tin and lithium production, and Nigerian cocoa aggregators’ connections with German chocolate producers.

Sabi’s role on the council will be to advocate for our 250,000 users who are part of Africa’s informal sector. These people lead businesses whose physical goods and commodities are needed worldwide and whose representation is essential to securing ethical, responsible, and transparent global supply chains.

Together with the leaders on this council, we can empower and support these small traders and help the business community succeed globally. We look forward to working with them and thank the Milken Institute for launching this important initiative.”

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