At Sabi, sustainability and empowerment are the bedrock of our operations. Our commitment to responsible business practices is seen in how we serve merchants of all sizes across Africa including micro-SMEs. By helping to optimize their supply chain, we ensure these merchants access quality, sustainable products and avenues to boost their income. Our practices aim to uplift every stakeholder in the supply chain, and in doing so, we enhance the socio-economic dynamics of the communities we operate in.
Sustainability and Impact Statement for Sabi
Anu Adedoyin Adasolum
Co-Founder, CEO
While our leadership provides strategic direction, it's our on-the-ground initiatives that solidify our commitment to female empowerment. Through targeted training programs for women in tech and management roles, we invest in capacity-building, emphasizing skill development and leadership. A significant majority of our merchants are women, and our platform plays a pivotal role in enhancing their income levels. Each transaction on Sabi is more than just a business deal; it's a step toward a more prosperous and inclusive African economy. Our commodities exchange platform, TRACE, is a reflection of our dedication to ethical sourcing. We prioritize global ethical standards, ensuring farmers and aggregators—many of them women—receive fair value for their products. In bridging African commodities with international markets, we uphold principles of transparency and fairness, benefitting those who have traditionally been marginalized in these sectors.
In a nutshell, Sabi's impact extends beyond commerce.
We’re focused on driving sustainable practices, elevating incomes, and championing female empowerment throughout Africa. Our values, leadership, and actions all converge to create a more resilient and equitable economic landscape.
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